At 8.3 years: Mount Defiance Hike
Trailhead: 2,250 ft; Summit: 5,584 ft
Comments by Max

Yummy snack. 1.5 miles to go Humph
If that was steep, what's next? Avalanche???
Watch for rocks Halfway back...or not
Is that pinpoint a car on I-90?!?! 1/4 mile ahead Straight up
Get Ready for Unusual Sensations of Exhausted Feet You should have seen the warning...
7.4 miles to go AT THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rainbow, Blazer, Mason, Island, Little Mason, Kulla Kulla, and three other ones with no names Focused on gorp
More gorp Still focused on gorp
Mason Lake AAAHHHHH!!
BOO! Me on top--finally
The invention of the idiophone!

Deception Falls Nature Trail

Me on the bridge Dad on the bridge
Me on the bridge again Splash
Deception falls Exploring
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